2008, Schlossplatz

During the European Football Championship in 2008 passersby and fans were filmed on the Schlossplatz (main square) in Stuttgart. A man in whose mouth a mirror is placed is watching the pedestrians and fans on the street. People are confused and very curious and wonder why the person has a mirror in his mouth. They watch and ask him what he does. When they realize that he cannot answer and that they have been filmed meanwhile, they laugh out loudly.


Video-Loop, Projection, DVD, 2010, Kunstbezirk in Gustav Siegel Haus, Stuttgart, Germany

The exhibition "2010_urbane visions" was conceived by a team of curators Marcus Kettel and Alfons Koller. They proposed relevant sub-topics to "urbane visions" in Stuttgart like environment, mobility, private and public space and the quality of life. (,, 13. Maerz 2010)