Bandage House (inside)


2012, performance, prasentation for Setouchi Art Festival, mixed media, Shodoshima-Cho, Shozu-Gun, Prefektur Kagawa, Japan

Up until I was 8 years old my family had been living in a small village. After my father and grandfather had died, we had to move to a city. My father had already considered to move to a city in order to enable my siblings and me to have a better education. Back then as well as today young people do not want to live in villages to be farmers. After we had moved, my family occasionally visited the graves of my father and grandfather (during the holidays), and our old house in the village. One day, during one of those visits, I realized that the empty house was slowly decaying; the clapsed roof, the broken stairs, the rotten doors, the strange plants in the courtyard etc. The empty house reminded me of my happy childhood: My mother was cooking dinner, my father and grandfather returned home from the fields. We ate dinner together and discussed every day things. Before we went to bed, my grandmother told us old stories. Everything was very peaceful. Revisiting the house, it felt different: an abandoned, sad, lonely house in which nobody lives any longer. When I was visiting the empty house in Shodoshima, I had a similar feeling as then. There were also a lot of empty houses in Shodoshima which young people had abandoned. At the beginning of my visit in Shodoshima I wanted to cure the house like a patient from its sadness and loneliness. But eventually I noticed that the house had absorbed me. During this time in Shodoshima I too felt like a lonely patient. With this in mind, my project Bandage House developed.

Project House from satellite


Work Process(inside)